Articles, Issue 46 - Autumn 2012

Innovative Vehicle Testing

The Lotus design approach utilises efficient and innovative integration of sub-systems and components to create fully optimised solutions.   Driven by system level engineering and pragmatic best practice methodologies Lotus can truly demonstrate ‘right first time’ solutions.  These industry leading skills lead to faster to market products facilitating faster access to revenue and reduced program costs.

Lotus Exige S in the semi-anechoic chamber

One of Lotus’ fundamental philosophies from the very beginning of the company has been to continually push the envelope on innovation. This pioneering approach has led to a position of technology leadership in our core competencies – lightweight architectures, driving dynamics, efficient performance and electrical and electronic integration.

Fundamental to our full service supplier status is our extensive testing and validation capability.  Lotus has recently invested in upgrades for the engine and vehicle semi anechoic chambers at Hethel. They are now equipped with new Matadyne cones. Further investments are planned for the emissions lab to compliment the recent investment in a particulate counter and the equipment required to get to EURO 6 Certification Level.

A number of test beds have been modified and have new equipment to support hybrid/electric system development utilizing battery simulators and HiL systems. These are being developed by the controls group which can then support the move from test bed to vehicle all delivered from one area with experience of delivering the complete package. Lotus believes these additions demonstrate our commitment to supporting sustainable transportation objectives well into the future.

Our testing and validation team provides class leading best practices and state of art technical methodologies that ensure that Lotus can provide robust data and results that our clients can trust to comprehensively support their product development.

Lotus Engineering based at Hethel, Norfolk, provides confidential comprehensive engineering services and facilities, including:

  • Engine test beds capable of supporting 10 to 500 kW engines, steady state, transient, for calibration, development, validation programs with the full support services on one site to deliver the project.
  • Air flow lab, metrology, engine build and strip, electrical workshop, instrumentation lab, vehicle and component rig test, machine shop, fabrication, battery build, FIA approved test track.
  • A variety of test fuels including gasoline, diesel, alcohol, as required.
  • Vehicle emissions lab with soak space for 12 vehicles, 2 sets of chassis rolls and 2 sets of emissions analysers, particulate counting and filter weighing room.
  • Vehicle development utilising Vehicle workshops with a variety of ramps to suit different vehicle and function needs. Specialist equipped electric vehicle areas.
  • Kinematics and compliance rig area supported by the vehicle dynamics team.  All the facilities are backed up by engineers and technicians from a variety of disciplines with many years experience from across the industry.

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