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Titanium Rear Subframe Prototype

Lotus Engineering has recently completed an exciting new project which pushed the boundaries of materials, joining and manufacturing technologies, resulting in a prototype lightweight titanium rear subframe for the Lotus Exige S. Continue reading

Expanding Combustion Knowledge – Lotus AVT System

Our background, education, work experience and exposure to technologies often results in us being trained to a way of thinking, so thoroughly, that we’re sometimes unable to think differently to give us the cutting edge we need. Continue reading

EU Vehicle Legislation

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an environmental treaty that looks to prevent man-made changes to the climate system.  Continue reading

Jaguar C-X75 | A demonstration of the Future


The concept of the Jaguar C-X75 was born to symbolise the future of Jaguar Cars and to create a vehicle that was indicative of the future. Continue reading

Shaping the Future of Aluminium

The increasing demand for more fuel efficient vehicles in order to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions is a significant challenge for the automotive industry.  Cars are responsible for approximately 12% of the total European Union (EU) emission of CO2, the main greenhouse gas. Continue reading

Lightweight Cycles

In the efficiency focused automotive world, we all know that mass matters, but how much thought do we give to where that mass is located? Vehicle dynamics, of course, keeps a close eye on the issues of centre of gravity position, and unsprung mass is generally considered less desirable than sprung mass, but there is another aspect of the mass location within the vehicle that receives rather less attention. Continue reading

Structural Aluminium Anodising

Whilst it is well known that Lotus manufactures its own chassis at Lotus Lightweight Structures in Worcester, it is little known that Lotus also has its own anodising facility in Wellingborough, which is the world’s largest producer of structural chassis aluminium anodising. The plant can currently produce in excess of 0.5 million square metres per annum and has processed over 10 million automotive components.  Continue reading

Lightweight Future

A look at Jaguar Land Rover’s success with aluminium. Continue reading

Hydrogen Production

Without delving deep into the chemistry, atomic hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is fundamental to the existence of stars and gas planets. However, it rarely exists in earth’s atmosphere as molecular gas H2 due to it’s readiness to form compounds with other molecules, and the fact that it is so light, that it floats above all other heavier gases. Continue reading

Who’s Driving?

Do we need assistance while driving? While some people believe we can’t do without it, others disagree. Yet recent research has shown that driver error is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Matthew Beecham reports on how driver assistance technologies are edging us towards the autonomous car. Continue reading

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